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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?


The Oxygen Concentrator is an electrically operated device which takes room air and separates the oxygen from the other gases and delivers more “concentrated” oxygen to you.

Oxygen concentrators are available in many different sizes and models, but they all have the same basic parts: a power switch to turn the unit on and off, a liter flow knob to regulate the liter flow to that prescribed by your physician, and an alarm to alert you to a power interruption or equipment failure so you can change to your back-up tank.

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Plug the concentrator’s electrical cord directly in to an outlet, not controlled by a wall switch. Keep back and sides of the concentrator at least 6 inches from drapes and 3 inches from wall.

  1. Attach the nipple adapter (or “Christmas Tree”) to the concentrator outlet port and attach up to 50 feet of tubing to the adapter.
  2. Turn the concentrator switch to “ON”. It is normal for the unit to sound an alarm for a few seconds both as an “alarm test” and to tell you that the unit has not reached its correct operating pressure.
  3. Adjust the oxygen flow by turning the liter control knob until the flow rate is set according to your doctor’s order.
  4. Next, fit the nasal cannula on your face, making sure the prongs face upward and curve into your nostrils.


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